NW Staff

Dining Services holds menu contest

The “Taste of Home” event, hosted by Dining Services, is asking friends and parents of NMU students to submit favorite student recipes to add to the Dining Services menus. This is the first year for the event, which began during family weekend. The deadline has been extended until Jan. 1 so families can send in their favorite holiday recipes. After submissions have been collected, Dining Services will taste test the recipes that work best with the regular menu, and then winners will be decided. Anyone who enters will receive two free meal passes. The winners’ recipes will be added to the regular menu that Dining Services uses to plan meals. Those who are chosen will also be invited to a dinner which will serve the winning recipes. The winners will also receive a free Dining Services apron. The purpose of the event is to bring a more homey atmosphere to the dining areas at Northern during the winter semester when people do not visit home as often as the fall semester, said Gregory Minner, director of Dining Services. “Parents and friends can be involved in their life in school and their life away. It pulls that closer, to be able to remember and think of home,” he added. “It allows us . to know what the students like, some of their favorite foods.” Submissions can be sent to Dining Services at

– Lucy Hough

Relay for Life Kickoff meeting to be held

The American Cancer Society Relay for Life Kickoff will take place on Thursday, Nov. 20 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the multi-purpose room of the Woodland Apartments. The event, now in its fifth year at NMU, is themed “One World, One Cure” and will involve teams representing different countries around the world. Even though the actual Relay for Life, which takes place at the Vandament Arena, does not begin until March 27, the fundraising begins in advance. Last year the event, put on by a 15-student committee, brought in a total of $22,000. The goal is to exceed that this year and reach $25,000. Prizes will be given out, along with food, beverages and additional information on the Relay and the American Cancer Society. “The Kickoff is where we start to get our teams and participants the information about Relay and tools to start the fundraising,” said Relay Chairperson, Bridget Schaffer. For more information on the Kickoff and Relay for Life, contact Schaffer at 227-5738. If you are interested in starting a team, contact Amy Bishop at [email protected]

– Sarah O’Neill

Hospitality program hosts gourmet meals

The hospitality management program at Northern hosts five course meals every Tuesday and Thursday night in the Jacobetti Center for $14.99 per person. The last two meals will be held Dec. 3 and 4. This is a new “dining experience” for the hospitality program, and each meal is different, hosting different cultural cuisines. Students in the program create the menu, make the food and serve those who attend. This formal meal with white linen table clothes includes an appetizer, soup, pasta, entrée, salad, dessert and a beverage. Anyone who is interested should make a reservation beforehand as they may be turned away, said Karen Palmquist, a senior in the hospitality management program who works for the professors in the program. According to Palmquist, who has been involved with the program for five years and has seen the progression of the event, this year has had high turnout. “This has been one of the best turnouts,” he said. People really do enjoy the evening dining atmosphere, it’s a really affordable place,” she said. Students are welcome to attend, but the event cannot be paid for with a meal card. To make a reservation call 227-1981 or 227-1545.

– Lucy Hough