Campus events to test new technology

Lucy Hough

In order to test NMU’s new access points on campus, “Intel Powered By” is hosting two events on Saturday, Jan. 24.

At 3 p.m., The Dark Knight will be shown in the Starbucks lounge on the lower level of the Learning Resource Center. At 7:30 p.m., students can view the NMU vs. Alaska hockey game on their computers through the wireless network.

“We have access to the latest wireless technologies, which should improve the speed and stability of the wireless network,” said David Maki, chief technology officer.

The showing of The Dark Knight will also include free popcorn and pop for students and door prizes, like Starbucks gift cards, sport bottles and USB keys.

The purpose of these events is to test the newest wireless technology, and students’ participation by signing up for “Powered By” will help recognize any problems that may occur with the new system.

Students who participate will sign up at the “Powered By” Web site which will report any errors that occur with the new technology to be collected and fixed.

The goal, said Maki, is “to have the fastest and most reliable wireless networks available.”

Though the event is optional, Maki said students will benefit from attending and have the opportunity to recieve prizes.

“By being a “Powered By” user, you will have access to the latest wireless technology including the new WiMAX network that NMU is going to install,” Maki said.

Students can watch the NMU vs. Alaska game by going to the B2 Web site,