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Students encouraged to make sustainable products with EcoReps
Amelia KashianFebruary 22, 2024

Mexico City Policy: Policy should be revived

Well, the Mexico City Policy is gone again. Now, thanks to President Obama, we can all contribute to the killing of babies, whether we like it or not. Women have the right to choose whether or not they slaughter their unwanted children, yet I am denied the right to choose whether or not I help pay for these murders through taxes. Someone please remind me where this is in the Constitution.

I doubt if there are any government-funded programs that every American agrees with. Take welfare. I do not approve of our current welfare system, but I can sympathize with the program in that there are people in this country whose basic needs (food and shelter, not abortions) are not being met. So though I don’t agree with many aspects of welfare, I can understand why this program is in place and it makes sense.

But reversing the Mexico City Policy is absurd. Women do not need to be offered abortions or even educated on abortions. Obama’s justification of the reversal is absurd, too: “In the coming weeks, my administration will initiate a fresh conversation on family planning, working to find areas of common ground to best meet the needs of women and families at home and around the world.” For average political issues, I might be in favor of trying to compromise, but abortion has no gray areas. A woman can either abort her living fetus or she can carry it and either keep it or give it up for adoption. I honestly don’t know what sort of “common ground” Obama thinks he can find.

Those who are pro-life believe abortion is murder, plain and simple. We’re not going to wake up one day and suddenly find murder tolerable. To those who don’t think fetuses are living beings, here are some facts: at week six, the baby’s heart is beating; at week 10, vital organs are fully developed and fully functioning; and at week 14, the baby has hair and fingernails and can move inside the uterus. These are proven, scientific facts.

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Even if you’re not yet convinced that fetuses are alive, there are plenty of other reasons abortion should never be legal, let alone federally funded. One reason is that it allows young adults (even teenagers) to ignore all the responsibilities of having sex. The increasingly foreign concept of remaining abstinent until marriage is much more than a religious one; it also has a very practical side. If a couple waits to have sex until they are married and the woman then becomes pregnant, it’s less likely to ruin her life or cause her shame. If the couple seriously didn’t want the child, they could give it up for adoption and make the dreams of another couple come true.

Having the option of an abortion available only makes men and women (boys and girls) think they can have casual sex without considering the consequences. In fact, according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute (ALG), a non-profit reproductive health organization, 67 percent of all abortions are performed on women who have never been married. Of course a single woman is more likely to have an abortion, but if the option is not there, perhaps that woman will think twice before engaging in such activity before she is married. The relationship between sex and pregnancy is not difficult to understand. Sex equals the possibility of pregnancy. If pregnancy would be so devastating to your life that you would feel the need to have an abortion, don’t have sex. It’s that simple.

But some may ask: What about rape? Well, according to the ALG, abortions due to rape only account for 1 percent of all abortions, so if that is one’s only case for being pro-abortion, it’s not a very strong one. Actually, that argument better serves my point. If abortions were permitted only in cases of rape or incest, it would be very easy for any woman who wanted to abort her baby to lie about being raped. Norma McCorvey, better known as Jane Roe, of Roe v. Wade, did just that. During the trial, she testified that she had been raped, when in reality she just did not want the child and later recanted the rape allegation. Forcing women to lie about being raped is not the answer. Eliminating the possibility of abortion is.

I am not hopeful, though. With liberals controlling everything but the Supreme Court, I think things will only get worse before they get better. The Mexico City Policy will just have to wait another four years before it can be put into effect again. Perhaps in that time Roe v. Wade will be overturned and this cruel business can finally be finished.

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