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Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Dallas Wiertella April 30, 2024

Pre-election events involve campus

Candidates for student government positions debated in both a community forum and vice presidential debate this week. A common theme during both events was how much and how actively the Associated Students of NMU should involve the student community.

“The ASNMU office is a wonderful place for the reps to get in touch with their constituents,” vice presidential candidate Stephan Baulmer said during the vice presidential debate. “However, a lot of students don’t want to walk up to the office. A lot of students don’t know it’s there. We need to have ASNMU hold some of their office hours somewhere down campus, or in the library.”

Vice Presidential candidate Josh Corbat said he felt that ASNMU should be doing more things in an unofficial capacity, such as spending time at Starbucks or going to sporting events.

“We also need to actively approach students,” Corbat said at the debate. “I just feel like student government should be there in all aspects of the university. We should be really apparent wherever students are.”

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Matthew Russell Walther, a candidate for the College of Arts and Sciences representative, felt differently.

“The truth is that ASNMU is student government, that’s the way it is. Can you imagine if the real government was knocking on your door all the time?” said Walther at the community forum. “Student government, just like the real government, needs to know its place.”

The candidates at the community forum Tuesday also spoke on issues ranging from the Road Map to 2015, environmental sustainability, the idea of a new Student Union and the steps the administration will be taking to cut spending due to the economy.

“It’s going to be up to the university to decide what is going to be cut, and I think it’s really important we have ASNMU representatives who really take care of the students,” said currently unopposed Presidential candidate Jason Morgan at the forum. “We want to make sure students are heard and come first.”

Eight candidates debated at the forum. Other candidates who debated were Stefane Preston for Down Campus representative, Amanda Bazemore for Off-Campus representative and Jessica Butina for Off-Campus representative.

At the vice presidential debate Wednesday, Baulmer and Corbat talked about a wide variety of issues. Some topics covered were steps ASNMU should take to actively involve the student community and the importance of transparency in student government.

When Corbat was asked why he was running for vice president without a running mate instead of running for president directly, he said he felt he could do more for the NMU community as a vice presidential candidate.

“It was a choice for me, obviously, since I’m running without a running mate,” Corbat said. He went on to say that he felt the numerous meetings a student government president has to attend would hinder his efforts to reach out to the student community.

Corbat said he felt if he was elected, he would also be able to work well with Morgan.

“I have complete faith in Jason Morgan. I trust him,” Corbat said. “I am friends with him. I think the two of us can really create a better ASNMU.”

Baulmer felt his close professional relationship with Morgan would make him a better candidate for vice president.

“Jason and I sat down together to find a solution to the problems on campus together. That’s why we’re running together,” said Baulmer. “I feel like I can be an efficient vice president beside the president.”

Elections will be held on Tue., April 7th and Wed., April 8th.

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