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Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Dallas WiertellaApril 30, 2024

An open letter to the legend, Brett Favre

Congratulations on the revenge, Brett Favre. Although you’ll never admit to it, it had to feel good sticking it to Packers General Manager Ted Thompson and the franchise you gave 16 years to, and probably the franchise you’ll go into the Hall of Fame with. It wasn’t about the revenge? If it wasn’t about the revenge then why go through two retirements and a season to forget (many already have) in New York, just to play for the Minnesota Vikings?

You knew what you were doing all along. What, the backyard games on your Mississippi ranch in your Wrangler jeans just weren’t cutting it anymore, is that it? Your list of accomplishments and records reads longer than Pac Man Jones rap sheet, so that wasn’t it either. You even continued to add to that list Monday night, becoming the only player in NFL history to beat all 32 NFL teams. An unusual record, but a record none the less.
You cashed in on your payback throwing for three classic Favre touchdown passes, with spirals so tight I swear I saw your players cringe bringing them in, along with 271 yards. It had to be one of the better feelings you’ve had in some time.

The Milwaukee Burger Company of Eau Claire Wisconsin set out to burn your memorabilia before the game Monday, but settled on just one of your jerseys after the fire department urged them not to. You ever eat there Brett? Probably not you’re favorite. They may have been rooting for the Pack. I myself was hoping for a tie to tell you the truth. It makes no difference for a Lions fan like me to see one of you win. How nice would a tie have been? Fans of you and Packer fans wouldn’t know what to do; they’d still be waiting for the next overtime, along with Donovan McNabb.

You do have to admit it was a classic tale of out with the old and in with the new. The old being you, of course: a legend, a three-time NFL MVP, 10-time pro bowler and Super Bowl champion. The new being that rotten California kid Aaron Rodgers, who did sit three years learning everything you had to offer him. Monday was an amusement of the mentor vs. the student with your soon-to-be 40-year old aching body coming out the less bruised (you owe Jared Allen, maybe he’d like a Slim Jim) and with the win. It’s hard to say if the state of Wisconsin was sent into disorder or not. I think most of Wisconsin are still fans of yours Brett, except for maybe the people of Eau Claire.
But the truth is it was about the payback wasn’t it? Ah, you’ll never say. But it really was about showing Thompson straight up that you could still play and did deserve your own locker room. You did just that Monday. Well maybe you still need to prove the thing about your separate locker room, but you won with a smile reaching from ear to ear the entire game. It was a job well done, but a job yet to be accomplished. Your reunion in Green Bay has yet to come. We’ll see how you handle the pressure of Lambeau as a visitor in November.

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I’m just relieved I never had to see Barry Sanders in a Chicago uniform; thankfully the Lions can make someone want to stay retired. Come on by after Minnesota, Brett. We’ll make you want to stay retired, I promise.

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