Staff Editorial: Month of Majors helps

NW Staff

Upon entering college, many students are far from declaring a major. Even as time goes on, students will change majors numerous times or even remain undecided until the last possible moment. As our economy struggles to stay afloat, having an expertise under your belt as soon as possible is pertinent. NMU’s Academic and Career Advisement Center (ACAC) is
dedicated to helping students figure out what major fits them, and are doing just that with the Month of Majors.

Month of Majors is a collection of educational sessions hosted by ACAC. Since the beginning of October, informational
seminars are held each day on different majors available at NMU. Various professors, and sometimes department heads, talk to the students and explain their department, mandatory classes, advantages of the major and possible career choices. Students are then given the chance to ask the professor questions.

Northern’s old tactic of informing students about their options was The Academic Majors Fair. Anyone who’s been to, or even witnessed, a job fair atmosphere knows the chaos it consists of. Everyone is trying to find the one thing that suits them in a limited amount of time. Each major had a separate booth which offered pamphlets and other portable information for students to take home. Not much can be accomplished this
way, and individual attention is only possible for minutes at a time, if at all.

Revising this process was a good move on part of ACAC. Instead of wading through every major all at once, students get
to hear about the individual ones that interest them in detail. This way, they are able to clearly assess their options, which is something pamphlets and flyers fail to help them do. The opportunity to meet with professors knowledgeable in each area
gives students a much clearer view of what they need to complete that major and what options are available after they graduate.
It also gives each department a chance to attract more students and may further engage a student who was only slightly interested when coming in.

As a university, this shows that student’s futures are just as important as their time here. Deciding a major as soon as possible
gives a huge head start to planning life after college. By devoting a whole month to all majors and having faculty take
time out of their lives to help, NMU is bringing us one step closer to securing the one thing many students worry about: a
job we are passionate about when we leave.