ASNMU update – Treasurer steps down, changes to bylaws are finished

Ben Hocking

The Associated Students of NMU (ASNMU) unanimously approved the resignation of treasurer Andrew Foster this week and announced plans to appoint a replacement.

Foster said that he planned on stepping down from the group, but decided to turn in his resignation papers after the referendum process was over. He said that this would make the transition smoother for the next treasurer.

“I really got tired of ASNMU politics, and it finally reached a boiling point,” Foster said. “You get tired of not seeing any progress.”

Foster said that he felt the individual interests of ASNMU members were beginning to take interest over what was the organization is supposed to do.

“Ultimately what you see are people within ASNMU taking a very political stance on things,” he said. “Rather than doing what’s best for students, they are doing what’s best for them.”

Jason Morgan, the president of ASNMU said he is confident in Foster’s projected replacement.

“I’m sad to see [Andrew] go, but I think Mitch Foster will do a good job replacing him,” said Morgan.

Mitch Foster, a junior political science major, was appointed to the open treasurer position. Mitch said that the job will be challenging but feels he is qualified to fill the vacancy having sat on the Student Finance Committee (SFC) for over a year.

“The budgeting process will take time to learn but that is like any other job that you apply for and get,” said Mitch.

The treasurer of ASNMU also doubles as the chair of the SFC.

In other news, ASNMU unanimously approved additional bylaw changes. Included in the changes was moving the two newly created positions of Director of External Affairs and the Director of Public Relations from the executive branch to the legislative branch in order to have the bylaws follow the constitution. The Director of Public Relations will be responsible for the Director of Information Technologies’ duty of updating the constitution annually online.