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Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Dallas WiertellaApril 30, 2024

Staff editorial – More students should run for office

Applications for the Associated Students of NMU (ASNMU) board positions are due Monday, March 22. This deadline is coming up quickly, giving prospective applicants little time to consider whether they want to run.

ASNMU bylaws specify that applications must be in “no later than 5 p.m. seven calendar days prior to the date of the election.”

This year, the March 22 deadline is a surprising 15 days before the election, over a week longer than the bylaws demand, shortening the amount of time that students can apply. This is not a direct violation of the bylaws, but it’s a loose interpretation of the bylaws that affects students by possibly limiting the number of candidates.

Tom Cory / NW

Though the reasoning for this early deadline is to “ease the strain” for those who are running, since candidates will know for certain who they are running against and can focus on campaigning, the neglect for potential candidates cannot be ignored.

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ASNMU is an organization that oftentimes shares a commonality in beliefs and general camaraderie. This early deadline makes it more difficult for people outside of ASNMU to become a part of the organization.

While it is unlikely that such an early deadline was planned maliciously, students are still at a disadvantage because they have less time to consider applying. Being a representative is a big commitment and something that shouldn’t be done on a whim.

Having such a small amount of time to apply might be additionally discouraging to those who aren’t familiar with the process.

However, the election process is already set in motion. Students need to know that if they want to be a part of their student government, they need to act now. It is important that a variety of students, not just those who are already active with ASNMU, know that elections are being held so that the student government can be adequately representative of the entire student body.

Election time is the best chance for the student body to better ASNMU, by electing people who are passionate and want to fairly represent the students they are running for.

Candidates have the option to drop out until the ballot is available to students if, while campaigning, they decide they do not want to be in ASNMU. Because of this, the early application deadline should not deter potential contenders. The only way to have a healthy election is to have a diverse election, so it’s important that students have a variety of people to choose from on the ballot. Students should take the initiative and apply if they think they can make a difference in the student government.

Election packets can be picked up in the ASNMU office or questions about the available positions can be directed to 906-227-2542. We urge those who are unsure about running for a student representative position or student body president to act before it’s too late.

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