Important election deserves attention

NW Staff

The upcoming Associated Students of NMU (ASNMU) elections are important because they include more than just candidates for president and vice president. Ballot initiatives for ASNMU, The North Wind, Radio X and Students for Campus Wellness are asking for input on where students’ money should be spent.

It is important that students familiarize themselves with the issues before they vote in order to make the most educated decision.

This week, before the April 6 and 7 election, we encourage students to talk to the candidates in order to find out what they really stand for. To circumnavigate the drama, it is important look at what the candidates believe ASNMU should be about and decide from there what direction the student government should go in.

Tom Cory/NW

The North Wind will not be endorsing a candidate. We do, however, encourage students to vote. This is an important election, like the others, because it is a chance for students to decide how they want to be represented, and the most immediate way to have a say in next year’s administration is to vote now.

The student government has a lot of responsibility, so there’s no doubt that this decision is an important one. We hope that whoever is elected, though, will maintain what they are running on right now throughout the year and consider what their boundaries are. Too often, those in power in ASNMU assume they can solve the world’s problems when really they should just be focusing on the problems of students.

Along with those elected following through with their promises, we also encourage students to follow through with their current interest in ASNMU’s purpose. It’s great to be so concerned with what is happening within your student government, but it’s only effective if it’s carried beyond the time of elections to when the student government is fully functioning throughout the year. As students who are being represented, we have the responsibility of making sure that’s happening adequately not just now, but throughout the year.

It also presents four questions that request the advice of students, three of which determine how much the student activity fee should be raised per student. As this is something that is directly affecting each student, it is  in every person’s interest to vote. Students can vote on April 6 and 7 by going to or going to one of the polling stations that will be set out around campus on those days.