Parker takes first in Kansas City Finals

Trevor Pellerite

USOEC Athlete Darnell Parker took home top honors at the Kansas City Golden Gloves finals April 8-10, earning the title of ‘Outstanding Boxer’ in the process. Despite his success, he knows there is room for improvement.

“I would give myself maybe a C on both performances,” Parker said. “I felt like my timing was a little bit off, I felt like I let a few dudes off the hook that I would have finished if I had been in the swing of things. My timing would have been on, I could have got a few dudes out of there, but

I got the ‘W’ so I really can’t complain too much.”

It was Parker’s second consecutive year earning the ‘Outstanding Boxer’, an honor not lost on him.

“I felt real good. My coach has been in the game over 40 years, he said he’s never seen it happen,” he said.

Trevor Pellerite/NW