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I am a marketing major about to start my second year at Northern Michigan University, however, this will be my third year in college. I previously attended a small community college...

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TRADITION — Established in 1979, the Moosemen hold the distinction of being NMUs oldest campus club.
Moosemen rugby embracing tradition with new season underway
Caden Sierra September 22, 2023

Nugent talks with The North Wind

In response to the article “Nugent’s presentation inspires protests,” Ted Nugent contacted The North Wind prior to his event on campus in order to share his opinions.

Could you give a short summary of what you will be talking about at your “Kill it and Grill it” presentation?

I never plan an outline for any of my many speaking celebrations, but rather follow my 61-year-old adventurous heart to instinctually share my love for my amazing nonstop American Dream of being an asset to my family, community, country and environment by being the best that I can be and disciplining myself to be ultimately aware of my accountability. Though “Kill It & Grill It” is a wonderful title of my wife Shemane’s and my great cook book from nearly ten years ago, my speaking presentations go far beyond the perfection of venison and the desperate need for a more conscientious diet in America.

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Is this a kick-off for your book tour? If so, why did you decide to come to NMU?

My last New York Times Best Seller, TED WHITE and BLUE-The Nugent Manifesto from 2008 is coming out in paperback next month, so this event is not necessarily related to that release, but certainly a must read for Americans with positive dreams. I was invited by my great UP BloodBrothers of the NMU College Republicans and Sportsmans Gun Club, how could I say no? Not only do I love the magnificent UP of my beloved birthstate of MI and her wonderful people, but I love NMU, College Republicans and certainly all Sportsmans Gun Clubs. I’m such a fun guy, how dare I not share my buoyancy, goodwill and humor with my UP friends!

What is your reaction to the NMU College Democrats’ alternative presentation “MYTH BUSTING: Sticks and Stones” Here’s a link to their page on facebook if you want more info:

No reaction really. I am getting used to some pathetic Americans acting like wannabe Euro sheep, going out of their way to intentionally misrepresent truth, logic and the American Way. I think they are funny, funny people, and I thank them for identifying me as the obvious good guy. God bless them all.

How would you define “Hate speech?” Do you think that you have ever engaged in it?

I would hope sensible people would know hate anything when they see or hear it. The evil, inbred rhetoric of the soulless KKK would be hate speech, I hope, to everyone. I have never engaged in anything remotely related to such intellectual vacuity. On the contrary, I have fought hard against it.

One of the reasons the alternative presentation has been organized is that many don’t think your statements encourage positive discussion pertaining to issues such as gun control and freedom of speech. What do you have to say about this?

I shall elaborate the transparency of such asinine allegations and those that foolishly allege them on April 13. Bring your friends. This is gonna be fun.

In your opinion, should there be any limitations to free speech?

Actual speech, no.

How do you feel about the proposed Michigan Bill that could allow concealed weapons on college campuses?

I am a big fan of self defense via keeping and bearing arms, and condemn the condition of unarmed helplessness. Evil craves unarmed helplessness. Only a fool would deny that gun-free zones are the playground of murderers, and therefore complicit in said evil.

Will we hear any more new music from you in the future?

High energy, fiery, passionate, soulful, ferocious animal dance/breeding BBQ music for the truly alive, at dangerous volume, yes.

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