Summer employment still possible for college students

Amber Snyder

Despite a struggling national economy, some job opportunities still exist for those students who haven’t found summer employment.

Steve LaFond, the assistant director of Career Services, said that President Obama’s Stimulus Bill has improved the job market for students.

“The Stimulus Bill has allowed the federal government to create jobs for students even in this economy,” LaFond said. “The age limit for student jobs used to be 18 or 19, but because of this bill, even people in their 20s can apply.”

Students should try to look for summer jobs related to what they want to do in the future, LaFond said.

“Summer jobs can be a great way to build professional skills,” he said. “Students can see what it’s really like in the field and get hands on skills.”

LaFond said that resources for jobs both inside and outside of Marquette County can be found on the Career Services website. He said that the Internet is just one way students can search for a summer job.

“Students can drive around town and look for help wanted signs,” he said. “You can also approach employers that hire seasonal workers. Lots of tourist destinations, restaurants and hotels hire seasonally.”

Jesse Carlson, a junior entertainment and sports promotion major, was able to find work outside of Marquette for the summer. She will be working at Fishing Bridge Lodge in Yellowstone National Park as a waitress and hostess.

Carlson said that she wants to get out of the Marquette area for the summer.

“Marquette is such a small town,” she said. “I want to be somewhere else for a while. I’ve always wanted to go out West, and this was the perfect opportunity.”

Carlson said that she took the job to gain new experiences.

“I’m hoping to grow as a person while I’m there,” Carlson said. “I want to meet new people and enjoy Yellowstone when I’m not working. I love to travel, and I’m hoping being out West will give me a new perspective.”

Despite the opportunities created by the Stimulus Bill, some students are still feeling the bite of Michigan’s 14.1 percent unemployment rate. Kayla Blodgett, a sophomore English secondary education major, said that she struggled to find a job before being hired as a student custodian in the dorms.

“I really struggled to find a job,” Blodgett said. “I applied for about 30 jobs over the past year and only got two interviews. I was really lucky to find this job.”

Blodgett said that finding a summer job was easier than finding employment during the regular school year.

“Employers seemed to be looking more for students in the summer,” Blodgett said. “I think it’s a little easier now because so many students are leaving Marquette for the summer to go home.”

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