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Administration sees changes in positions

With the upcoming retirement of Associate Provost Cynthia Prosen, Northern will see some shifting in personnel as positions are filled before next semester. For a two-year appointment, Terry Seethoff, current dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, will become the associate provost for academic affairs and dean of graduate studies, during that time organizing a group of faculty, staff and students to bring forward recommendations to the provost on a permanent replacement.

“Dr. Seethoff brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and skill to this important assignment,” said Provost Susan Koch.  “He is widely respected by all members of the NMU community. I am particularly appreciative that he brings creativity and extraordinary analytical skills as well as a broad understanding of the entire university to this new assignment.”

Seethoff will assume the positions that Prosen is leaving. She spent three years as associate provost and five as dean of graduate studies, research, and continuing education. Koch feels that Seethoff is an ideal choice for this position.

“Dr. Prosen is a terrific example of an academic leader who always puts students first. Dr. Seethoff has that same orientation, and I am confident that students will be well-served with his leadership,” Koch said.

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Seethoff feels that his experiences as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences have prepared him for the new position, and he is excited for the opportunity to face the challenges that will come with the job and for the opportunity to learn.

Seethoff also said that the changes that the university is experiencing as a result of Prosen’s retirement will ultimately benefit Northern, and he hopes that the community is not intimidated by such adjustments.

“For me, change is good.” Change is part of the academic life. Change presents challenges and opportunities for growth, change is at the heart of intellectual pursuit,” Seethoff said. “There will be several (changes) as a result of this, I don’t see them as having negative consequences. They give us a chance to think again about what we want to do and what’s important.”

Seethoff has been dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for 11 years.  He said that he is appreciative of his experiences as dean and will miss the position.

“I’ll absolutely miss being the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. This has, so far, been the joy of my life. The opportunity to interview candidates for faculty positions … we just have delightful discussions, it’s very satisfying to know that I’m a part of the process that brings the classroom teachers that the students are going to come to enjoy.”

To replace Seethoff as Arts and Sciences Dean is Michael Broadway, who currently sits as Associate Dean to the college and interim director of the honors program.

“Northern has been good to me,” Broadway said. “I’ve been here 13 and a half years, so I think I have some loyalty to this institution. Moving up into administration is in some ways a way of repaying the faith that people have put into you.”

Broadway believes that this promotion will be a good challenge and he looks forward to the increased responsibility and chance to learn more in the position.

“One of the things about being an academic, you’re a lifelong learner,” Broadway said. “I’m a lifelong learner, and this is an opportunity for me to learn a new skill set, hopefully, and learn more about the university and how it works.”

Broadway has decided to step down as interim director of the honors program due to the increased responsibility that comes with the new position. After two years as interim director, he has enjoyed working with honors students and his the changes he has seen to the program.

“I enjoyed my two years, and I think the honors program is in pretty good shape right now,” Broadway said. “There’s a whole series of reforms that I think are going to result in a significantly improved honors program.”

Prosen has sent an e-mail to all faculty asking for letters of interest in becoming interim director before Friday, April 23.

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