Dining Services change for the best

NW Staff

This summer, Dining Services decided to make two changes in the way that they operate both the Wildcat Den and the Marketplace. Next fall, students will notice that the Marketplace and the Wildcat Den have gone trayless. This is to reduce food waste and to ensure the “green” initiatives of this university. The other big change is that the Wildcat Den will only offer all-you-can-eat prices, instead of allowing students and faculty to purchase à la carte meals.

The latter change was done because in previous years Dining Service noticed the Den was losing far more food than was purchased. To prevent such theft, only an all-you-can-eat option will be available.

While originally we were apprehensive about this change, concerned about where we would get our coffee from, upon learning that there would be two new options for food purchases, it was clear that Dining Services had anticipated this concern from students.

In the NMU bookstore, there will be a new food cart that will offer coffee and pre-made sandwiches which students and faculty can buy à la carte In Jamrich, there will be a similar opportunity.

Dining Services has not eliminated students’ option to purchase smaller amounts of food, they are simply trying to make it harder for students to steal – a legitimate action.

Also, we think that Dining Services made the right move in finally going trayless. After over a year’s debate, students have been made aware of what it means to not have a tray, and it’s time that Northern joined the number of schools who are taking the initiative to use less water and create less waste.

What’s more, the Marketplace is being renovated specifically for this reason, to facilitate in the change and make it easier for students to access drinks.

We support these changes and think that they are a wonderful idea. Students ought to appreciate that Dining Services has our best interest in mind, providing à la carte options and renovating the Marketplace, while still making decisions that make sense. And, as long as we can still get our coffee without paying all-you-eat prices, we’re happy.