Granholm talks to NMU

James Dyer

On Thursday August 19, Governor Jennifer Granholm made an appearance at NMU to speak about the current economic situation in Michigan.

In the speech, Granholm outlined her plans to revive Michigan’s economy.  Diversifying the economy and ensuring the further education of Michigans workforce were a few of her talking points.

Granholm talks to NMU // James Dyer/NW

“It will still take some years to fully recover,” Granholm said. “We have hit rock bottom, and started to emerge.”

Granholm will finish her second and final term as Governor in November. While these past 8 years have been tough, being Governor during this period has been a privilege, she said.

“You have to take what you’re given and try to make the best out of it. All my decisions were made purely out of love for this state,” she said.