NMU sailing club invites students to try seafaring

John Becker

The NMU sailing team will be holding the first-ever Try Sailing Day this Saturday, Aug. 28 at Lower Harbor. A meet-and-greet with food and refreshments will commence at 2 p.m. from the Marquette Yacht Club. Mike Stoodley, commodore of the NMU sailing team, said the event is free.

“There isn’t anything (students) need to bring; we’ll give them a life jacket,” Stoodley said. “They just need to show up.”

Stoodley said the objective of the event is to generate interest in both the recreational and racing groups that collectively make up the NMU sailing team’s roster.

“My hope is that people will enjoy sailing, and that it will get our name out there,” he said.

Stoodley also said students should not worry about getting wet, as the boats are all stable and seaworthy.

“Chances are, if they drop something, it’s going to be in the bottom of the boat,” he said.