ASNMU president may leave mid-term

NW Staff

ASNMU president Lucia Lopez has registered for December graduation, despite having committed to serve as the student body president for the Fall 2010 to Winter 2011 semesters. According to NMU’s website, she registered on July 21, three months after taking office. Just because she is registered does not mean that she is necessarily graduating. Students can decide not to graduate at any time.

According to the ASNMU constitution and bylaws, if the president steps down, the vice president will take his or her place. Courtney Russell, the current vice president, said that if it happens she will accept responsibility as the new president.

“I knew this is something that could have happened. It’s my responsibility to step up and be as ready as I can be,” Russell said. “I’m not giving up.”

Lopez stated that though she has registered for graduation, she is not necessarily planning on graduating in December. She said that she is looking at her options for the upcoming semester.

ASNMU advisor Chris Greer stated that she didn’t know about Lopez’s registration for graduation, but that NMU students often graduate early or mid-year so it’s not entirely unheard of. She said that if Lopez were to graduate, there wouldn’t be large implications.

“I don’t know if there would be any problem with it,” Greer said. “I think it could be a seamless transition if they do it right.”