ASNMU Update – Bike share committee formed to expand program

James Dyer

ASNMU discussed different appointments and committee creations at their meeting on Monday Aug. 30.

The meeting began with the announcement that the free speech board will be returning to the LRC. The board, which allowed students to voice their opinions on various issues, will be displayed again this year near the Starbucks entrance.

The first action item on the agenda was to fill the chairs of the Academic Affairs Committee and the Student Affairs Committee. Dani Thoune was nominated to be chair of the Student Affairs Committee, and Zach Fix was nominated as chair of the Academic Affairs Committee. Both are currently off-campus representatives. The general assembly voted to approve both positions.

The board next moved to consider discussion items. Kim Martino, an off campus representative, gave an update on the bike share program. Martino suggested forming a committee to help make the program more efficient.

“If we had a committee to oversee (the bike share program), it would make everything run a lot smoother,” she said.

Vice President Courtney Russell  worked with Martino to develop a plan of action for the possible bike share committee. Two major goals of the committee will be to formalize fees for late/stolen bikes, and to create a maintenance schedule to keep the bikes in good condition.

Another goal of the committee will be to expand the program to the PEIF, and allow bikes to be rented there as well. ten bikes are currently available for rent at the LRC. An expansion of the program to the PEIF would require five more bikes, Martino said.

The general assembly voted in favor of creating the Bike Share Committee. A chair has yet to be selected for the committee.

Discussion next moved to the creation of a Wildcat Wallet Committee. The goal of the committee would be to send letters to local businesses to try to secure more student discounts. Discussion was halted on the committee until more information is made available.