Lopez misleads students

NW Staff

Last semester, Lucia Lopez ran for ASNMU president on a platform of transparency. It comes as a surprise then that she has registered to graduate in December, interrupting her term as president. She insists she has not determined yet whether or not she will indeed graduate, she registered in July, fully aware of her commitment as president.

We are disappointed that Lopez, who ran specifically on a mantra of transparency, has been keeping this from her peers and students.

Melissa Pinskey/NW

Though she mentioned the possibility of graduation to vice president Courtney Russell after being elected, Russell said she didn’t know that Lopez was registered. ASNMU adviser and Dean of Students Chris Greer didn’t know either.

We worry that this sets a precedent that Lopez will be making decisions that affect the ASNMU board and the students without informing them beforehand.

Lopez hasn’t walked across the stage; any person who has signed up for graduation can drop at any time. That doesn’t change the fact that Lopez had registered months ago, fully aware of her commitment as president.

If a president leaves mid-year, it minimizes the amount she can accomplish and will therefore affect the students.

Many people hoped that Lopez would charge into the presidency and clear up the cloudiness that comes with ASNMU’s poor image, but this is a wake-up call. Maybe students shouldn’t get too comfortable with Lopez.