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Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Dallas WiertellaApril 30, 2024

New campus clubs for the college crowd

Clubs and organizations can be a great way for students to meet others who share their interests. Many lifelong friendships are made in these groups. They are a fun way to pass the time and to get involved in activities other than schoolwork. NMU has various clubs and organizations providing ways to become involved. Pretty much anything from purely social to athletic has a club that goes along with it, and, if not, one can be made for it. There are many new organizations this year, giving students even more of a chance to get involved. Clubs not included below are the Aikido Club, Argentine Tango Dance Club, Hellfire Club, Russian Language/Culture Club and Tree Climbers Club. A full list of the campus clubs and organizations along with contact information is available online at and then clicking on the organizations tab, then the current organizations link.

Rayner’s Raider

Raynor’s Raiders is a group that was started this year for those who enjoy playing the computer game and want to meet others who like it as well, group leader James Van Eck said. “It is for fun, but I would hope that eventually the members would have a deeper connection with each other,” Van Eck said. The meetings will consist of playing the game and talking strategy while building up the community and having fun, Van Eck said. The group is currently working on increasing membership, but will be holding meetings in the near future, Van Eck said.

The Student Alumni Association

The Student Alumni Association is one of the new organizations this year. This is a group that focuses mainly on bridging the gap between current students and alumni, said group leader Alison Silk. Though that is their primary goal, they also set out to spread Wildcat spirit and to educate students about the philanthropy and fundraising that happens around campus, Silk said. There will be alumni speakers who come to the meetings to talk about what it’s like to be working in their various fields, and students looking to join this organization are advised to start attending the meetings, Silk said.

Slack Line Club

Ever wonder what those people walking ropes between trees are doing? That’s called slack line, and it’s a growing sport that is like walking a tightrope and a balance beam combined. A club was started for it this year because leader Ben Plaza “wanted to get people who slack line together.” The club will function to build the skills of those who already know how to do it and to encourage new people to try it out, Plaza said. This sport is a good core workout and improves balance, flexibility and concentration, Plaza said. Eventually the group will have set times for their meetings and will set up competitions, but for now they are just getting together when they can, Plaza said.

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Brewers Guild

Like beer? Want to make your own? That is what the Brewers Guild is all about. “We hope to have a good following of people who care about the beer-brewing process,” said Vanessa Thibado, student contact for the group. The group was started because there was a good number of people on campus who wanted to brew their own beer, but it’s expensive so the group setting will help with the costs, Thibado said. Members must be at least 21 years old. There will be a general information meeting about this new group in the beginning of October.

Disc Golf Club

“Disc Golf is for everyone. You don’t have to be athletic,” said Nate Simpson, the new disc golf club leader.  This group gets together to play the sport as well as raise awareness of the sport in the community. The ultimate goal is to get an actual disc golf course here in the Marquette area, said Simpson. He stresses that anyone can play, even if they haven’t played before. It’s a non-contact sport and it’s not too competitive, said Simpson.  The group meets to play every Friday at 6 p.m. at the Silver Creek Golf Course in Harvey.

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