Letters to the Editor – October 28, 2010


Independent runs for county commission

I am running as an independent candidate for County Commission District 2 in Marquette.  I am affiliated with no special interest groups whatsoever and have financed my campaign myself with no outside funds.  Transparency and integrity are key.

I am a lifelong resident of Marquette.  I began my career in law enforcement with the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department for 25 years, eventually retiring as undersheriff.  I coordinated the NMU Police Academy for six years, and then was employed as a contracted Federal Court Security Officer.

The economic conditions of the county and jobs are our biggest issues. One of the issues that persuaded me to run for office is the Retire/Rehire Program.  This allows individuals to retire from the County, collect their pensions and then go back to their same jobs collecting full salaries and benefits.

My position is clear: it should not exist.  There are many individuals who could fill these 25 positions that currently exist under this policy, making way for graduates who could fill entry-level positions created by promotions.  To suggest that we do not have qualified applicants to fill these positions is absurd.  I also believe that policy is against IRS regulations.

Government is not a “spectator’s sport” –– we need to get informed, get involved and vote for transparency and integrity of our elected officials.  Whether you agree with me or not, it is vital that registered voters actually vote.  Please get to the polls on Nov. 2.

Michael P. Quayle
Independent candidate for County Commission District 2