ASNMU Update – ASNMU swears in representatives and goes into closed session

Margaret Ylitalo

Chris Hoffman was appointed as a college of arts and sciences representative, Brittany Voich was appointed as a down-campus representative, and Matt Syreini was appointed as an off-campus representative at the Monday, Nov. 8 ASNMU meeting. All three were unanimously approved and sworn in.

Off-campus representative Dani Thoune, college of business representative Alysa Diebolt, off-campus representative Benjamin Stanley and off-campus representative Justin Brugman will attend the Student Association of Michigan conference next weekend, the weekend of Friday, Nov. 12.

Lucia Lopez, president of ASNMU, said that Thoune will call ASNMU on Saturday, Nov. 13 to decide on issues that will be voted on at the SAM conference.

ASNMU went into closed session after the meeting, during which the public was asked to leave. The closed session included a seminar, Lopez said, which covered topics to help the efficacy of ASNMU. When asked about the seminar, Lopez said she was unable to discuss it.

“Because we went into a closed session, we are not at liberty to discuss what happened in the meeting,” Lopez said. “I can tell you that there was a seminar about the importance of parliamentary procedure and that we discussed the proper channels for the representatives to be instituting programs.”

As of Monday, Nov. 8, ASNMU had $11,804.08, and the Student Finance Committee had $2,517.87, which included ticket sales from OUTLook’s drag show, adding about $800. Andrew Foster, treasurer of ASNMU, encouraged student organizations to apply for funds for next semester.

“It’s never too early,” Foster said.

Foster said the Student Finance Committee will have three open spots next semester.