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My name is Molly, and I am in my second year at NMU. I come from Midland, MI, probably one of the most boring places on earth. However, we do have the only Tridge in the world, so that’s pretty nifty...

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Women’s spring soccer comes to an end this weekend
Lily Gouin April 19, 2024

Local band success boosted by fans

One of the benefits of living in a college town such as Marquette is the variety of live music available to students. And sometimes, bands arrive onto the social scene that can’t exactly be placed in a specific genre.

Such a band of this stature is CornBox, the punk/blues/reggae trio that’s storming onto the Marquette night-scene with a hearty rock and roll soul that students simply can’t get enough of.

Lead singer and vocalist Trevor Brown, an NMU senior art and design major.

“If the Bee Gees and Nine Inch Nails had a baby delivered by Barry Manilow, it probably would have to be named CornBox,” said lead singer and vocalist Trevor Brown, an NMU senior art and design major.

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This, believe it or not, illustrates the true attitude of the band.

“We try not to take anything seriously whatsoever,” said Brown. “It’s all about the chance to play shows, pay or no pay.”

CornBox was conceived by Brown and Dan Riley (percussion) jamming and laying down songs back in January, and senior art and design major Wade Buck (bass, vocals) joining the duo in May. This is when the trio began to truly make a name for themselves. They played shows in basements throughout Marquette for the small, eager NMU summer crowd. Since then, CornBox has conceived quite the avid following of fans, boosting the band to varsity status as a live band in venues such Upfront and Company and the Skybox.

A majority of the songs are written by Brown, touching subjects that pay tribute to the political-ranting punk renegades before our time. In addition, reggae tunes, such as “Guilded Edges,” explore the meaning of religious dependencies and values in our society. Songs such as “Madeleine Dupont” (named after a member of the Danish women’s curling team) are simply conceived by basic exuberance and the band’s ultimate goal to have a good time all the time.

Don’t expect to see any album promotions or singles for sale at their show. That’s not what they’re about. CornBox was born to be live. The band members’ ecstatic energy and goofy attitudes onstage alone are enough to get anyone on their feet, sweating and begging for more, notably with Dan, who’s never afraid to kick it up an extra step when hammering the skins.

They are what they are: a good, filthy rock trio that’s definitely not your average show you’d see in this town. CornBox is a real original.

Their next show is scheduled for the night of Tuesday, Dec. 14, at the Upfront and Company. For more information about CornBox and future shows, visit their Facebook page.

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