Administration, Public Safety did a great job

NW Staff

We would like to commend the administration, public safety and local authorities for their wise response to the alleged shooting threat yesterday, Wednesday, Feb. 2. Though the seriousness of the threat has lessoned for students, but authorities still acted appropriately. At the end of the day, students, staff and faculty were safe, in large part due to the actions of authorities.

We think they handled this situation in the best way possible. The truest sign of their actions is shown by the one thing that did not happen in the events of a most surreal Wednesday –– no one was injured or hurt.

Andy Harmon/NW

Their actions speak for themselves. Yesterday morning, authorities received a phone call from someone outside Marquette County who warned them of the potential shooting alleged to occur at 10 a.m. Public Safety sent out an alert through text message, campus e-mail, website and computer barge-in alerts and put campus in lockdown. Students were told to stay where they were. After a time, students in class were allowed to leave and instructed not to wander campus without reason. Meanwhile, campus buildings remained in lockdown. The academic mall, the area near the Superior Dome and the rest of campus were a virtual ghost town during the height of the threat –– except, of course, for the cruisers of both Public Safety and other local authorities.

At 12:29 p.m., residents of Spooner Hall and West Hall were allowed to enter the Wildcat Den. Police were there, eating at the tables right beside them in case there was trouble and to make sure students were out of harm’s way. Their presence added comfort at a time that could have easily been terrifying. It was just another excellent move by authorities, in a day of swift and confidant moves to ensure there would be no danger to campus.

Though the alleged planner of the shooting may still be out there, we remain confident in the abilities of the authorities to act in the best in interests of students, faculty and staff. They’ve shown their ability to go above and beyond to make sure students stay safe.