Health Fair provides samples, information

NW Staff

The NMU Health Fair on Tuesday, Feb. 8 will provide NMU and Marquette community members an opportunity to find health screenings and information in one place, according to Barb Coleman, associate professor for Health Physical Education and Recreation. The fair will include screenings for blood pressure, body composition, body mass index, oxygen saturation, hearing, and others. The entire fair is free.

“That’s our big rule, everything has to be free for the participants,” Coleman said. “I think it’s important for people to get stuff without having to pay for it. You can go out on the street and pay for things, but we really want people, whether they have money or not, to get all of these opportunities for nothing.”

Coleman said that there will be educational opportunities for everyone, including informational pamphlets, a wheel of fortune display and healthy food samples.

“It’s sort of a party-like atmosphere, there’s a very festive atmosphere,” said Coleman.

Coleman said that people who might be interested or worried about a certain health condition will likely be able to find out more information at the fair. Displays are also typically hosted by NMU-related organizations like nursing students, the Health Promotions Office and athletic training students.

The NMU Volunteer Center is looking for volunteers to help at the Health Fair. Interested students can sign up for a one-hour shift by calling or e-mailing the Volunteer Center at 227-2466 and [email protected]