ASNMU Update – Question and answer session for students discussed

Margaret Ylitalo

Off-campus representative Alex Wellman opened a discussion about holding a Dining Services, Public Safety and Housing question and answer session at the Monday, Feb. 7 ASNMU meeting. It could be a panel-style or town-hall style discussion, possibly in Jamrich, with representatives from each area, and it would allow students to ask questions or voice concerns.

“I think what a lot of students anywhere have an issue with is they know what they want to complain about, but they don’t know who to complain to, so they keep perpetually complaining to each other and nothing ever gets solved,” said off-campus representative Alysa Diebolt.

President Courtney Russell said she is working with Greg Minner, head of Dining Services, to allow ASNMU representatives into the Wildcat Den and the Marketplace to interact with students.

Russell said a student told ASNMU she had problems accessing the Internet in the LRC after midnight. Russell said ASNMU “made a few calls” and found that the modem was turned off after midnight over winter break and was not turned back on. The modem was turned back on as of Monday’s meeting, Russell said.

Off-campus representative Benjamin Stanley opened a discussion about improving representatives’ communication with constituents. ASNMU discussed possibly holding office hours in a more convenient location; though the office is not terribly located, it is not conveniently located, either, said off-campus representative Dani Thoune. Russell encouraged representatives to spend at least an hour in a place where constituents are this week or next week.

Off-campus representative Chris Hoffman, down-campus representative Britney Voich and Arts and Sciences representative Christian Weber were appointed and unanimously approved to the gender neutral committee.

Off-campus rep. Benjamin Stanley and general university studies rep. Joe DeLisle were appointed and unanimously approved to the survey committee.

Katie Mara was unanimously approved as a down-campus representative.