Obama unveils wireless plan

NW Staff

President Barack Obama’s new plan is to bring approximately 98 percent of the country access to wireless Internet in the next five years. Obama said that in order to fund this new program, the government will auction off airwaves in hopes of raising about $27.8 billion. Obama presented the new plan at Northern Michigan University on Thursday, Feb. 10 in the Vandament Arena.

While he was in Marquette, Obama toured Getz’s Clothiers, a company that has expanded its business online. NMU is one of the only schools in the United States that has its own WiMAX network. Also, other schools and business throughout Marquette use the WiMAX system. Obama said he believes that all Americans should have access to wireless internet.

“If you can do this in a snowy wilderness of the Upper Peninsula, we can do this all across America,” Obama said.

President Les Wong, Vice President of Finance Gavin Leach and Provost Susan Koch were just some of the administrative staff who attended President Obama’s speech in the Vandament Arena. Obama got to view NMUs wireless internet in a classroom on Northern’s campus. He spoke with students from schools at Negaunee High School and also with students from Powell township.

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Photos by Ashley Wiggins/NW