Northern Nooks – Touring the ins and outs of NMU’s campus (video)

Brice Burge

Places like the PEIF, Jamrich and the Marketplace are well-known on NMU’s campus, but there are plenty of places on campus that the average student doesn’t know about. Those places are the focus of Northern Nooks, a new weekly online video tour of the little-known spots that further students’ experiences at NMU.

The first ever Northern Nooks takes a look through the Communication and Performance Studies lab, also known as the CAPS lab, in the McClintock building. CAPS professor and Radio X faculty adviser Charles Ganzert was the tour guide through the lab.

In addition to classrooms and editing labs, the CAPS lab has a video lab where classes practice putting together real news and talk shows. He also showed the state-of-the-art recording labs that have housed local, NMU and international bands. Ganzert demonstrated how to use the pride of the CAPS lab: a 24-input Toft board that allows large bands and full ensembles record in the studios.

A new Northern Nooks will come out each week; send suggestions for future tours to [email protected]