Singer performs at Upfront

Melissa Young

Singer, songwriter and musician Mark Mallman will be here in Marquette to perform at the Upfront & Company this weekend. This alternative, pop and rock artist has toured America 27 times and has opened for bands like Green Day and Howie Day.

Mallman said that he has been performing in Marquette since 2007, and he loves it here because the audience always seems to get into his performance.

“The people in Marquette are so fun to perform for,” Mallman said. “The Upfront is a learning ground for me, because it’s really one of the only places in America where I play other singers’ songs.”

Mallman tours for four to six months every year and when he is on stage is where he feels closest to home, he said.

“When I was playing the 78- hour song (a non-stop song he sang for 78 hours straight), it was one of the happiest times of my life. I wish it never ended,” said Mallman.

As a Minnesota composer, Mallman has appeared on Minnesota’s top 50 songs of all time. While performing, Mallman said he does crazy things like beating his fist on the piano and even playing the piano with his boots.

Most of the craziness comes out when he feels that the audience is into the performance, he said.

“I love it, people dancing, and I get to scream about crazy stuff,” Mallman said.

Although Mallman gets hyped up during his performance, he also considers himself to be a very serious musician.

“Though I get crazy always, I’m very serious about my own material, so when I get the chance to play something from another singer, I really get into it,” Mallman said.

Mallman said he is inspired by his family and his friends, but as a performer he feels that his inspiration comes from a positive audience that enjoys his music and is able to let loose.

“Open-mindedness and positive energy always leads to the best parties,” Mallman said.

Chris Moore, part of the sound crew at Upfront & Company, finds Mallman very entertaining and encourages students to check him out.

“Seeing live music, in general, I feel is very important,” Moore said. “Mallman puts on a very energetic show and does a great job at making sure everyone has a good time.”

Mallman will be at the Upfront on Friday, March 11 and Saturday, March 12. He also has podcasts on iTunes and his latest is called “Storycast.” The podcast tells stories from the road and thoughts on life. To listen to Mallman’s songs, visit his

Mallman is expected to go on at 10:30 p.m. with an admission charge at the door. It is a 21 and older event. For more information on his performance in Marquette, visit