ASNMU Update – Student advisory committee created by Dining Services

Margaret Ylitalo

President Courtney Russell said she still thinks $3,000 is an unrealistic budget to send students to the Lansing Blitz this month at the Monday, March 14 ASNMU meeting. ASNMU is still working out how students will be transported to the rally for higher education on March 24 because no university vans are available. Russell said she and ASNMU adviser Chris Greer worked out the risk management details of funding students’ transportation in their own vehicles. If it is decided that students will drive their own cars, Russell said President Wong will need a report of those who go, who will drive, driver’s licenses, and proof of insurance. Russell said Wong will not allow students to drive through the night; if students drive their vehicles, they will be required to find a place to sleep.

A Coffee Talk with President Les Wong was scheduled for March 30 in the PEIF from 8-10 p.m. by the bouldering wall, Russell said. She said the purpose is to provide an opportunity for off-campus students to join the discussion along with on-campus students, because Coffee Talks usually take place in the residence halls.

Greg Minner, head of Dining Services, presented information about a student advisory committee that is being created on campus to allow more student input with Dining Services’ decisions. He discussed recent and future decisions, including the movement of Temaki and Tea to the Presque Isle Commons and the inclusion of Smoothie King and Stone Creek Coffee into the building. Temaki and Tea’s current location might be used for an undecided bagel shop, and Minner said he would like the advisory committee’s help with the decision. Minner said the Go Green committee worked with Dining Services to implement going trayless in the dining halls, and Dining Services plans to move the dish room to the current location of CatTrax, which means the convenience store will probably be relocated.

Hailey Shroeder was unanimously approved to the elections committee.