Weightlifters break personal records in front of home crowd

NW Staff

Allie Henry performs the first step in the clean-and-jerk lift during the Thunderdome Challenge last Saturday, March 11. The five-foot-five, 69-kg. senior is in her second year as a USOEC lifter. // Adelle Whitefoot/NW

The United States Olympic Education Center weightlifting team participated in the Thunderdome Challenge in the Superior Dome on March 11.

The second-annual event allowed 18 weightlifters to show their athletic abilities to a home crowd including friends and family.

“Competing in front of a home crowd with friends and family present really invigorates the lifters to even greater heights,” said coach Andy Tysz. “The students competed well and many set personal records with their efforts.”

Five lifters achieved new personal records: junior Marc Spurlock (Phoenix, Ill.), sophomores Britta Carlson (Peshtigo, Wis.), Mat Fraser (Colchester, Vt.) and Dominic Lambaria (Davison, Mich.), and freshman Patricia Park (Rochester Hills, Mich.).  Spurlock lifted 100 kilograms in the snatch and 125 kg in the clean and jerk for a total of 225 kg.  Carlson lifted 47 kg, 64 kg for a total of 111 kg.  Fraser lifted 130 kg, 161 kg for a total of 291 kg.  Lambaria lifted 93 kg, 125 kg for a total of 218 kg.  Park lifted a total of 45 kg, 56 kg for a total of 101 kg.

“The Thunderdome Challenge was an excellent tuneup for the upcoming National Collegiate Championships coming up in April. I am quite pleased with their efforts, their results, and the crowd turnout,” said Tysz.

Weightlifters will compete next in the National Collegiate Championships April 1-3 in Shreveport, La.

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