ASNMU Update – ASNMU votes to send members to April SAM conference

Margaret Ylitalo

Seven of the twelve voting members of ASNMU voted to approve a $303.38 budget to attend the April Student Association of Michigan (SAM) conference at Monday’s meeting. Four voted against it, and one abstained, but the majority vote approved the budget. Because $141 of the last budget was not used, the final cost will be $162.38.

Dani Thoune said she is running for SAM vice president, which will give Northern “more of a presence” in SAM.

“Especially from the U.P., I think it’s crucial to make sure that what happens up here in the U.P. is recognized,” Thoune said. “I want Northern to be able to say, ‘Hey, yeah, SAM has done something great for us,’ and I can attempt that by being a general member again next year, but it’s not nearly as feasible unless I’m there making sure it’s happening, holding the other people accountable.”

Treasurer Andrew Foster reminded members that if they take on additional responsibilities in SAM, they cannot count on ASNMU to shoulder the cost. Thoune said she would either have to find a way to travel or step down as vice president.

Off-campus representative Alex Wellman said while $162 is not a huge amount of money, ASNMU has not made a big enough effort to teleconference, which would take away all travel and lodging costs and allow members to vote. Off-campus representative Alysa Diebolt said that depends on the capabilities of conference centers.

They discussed a new Michigan driving law, which prohibits Level 2 license holders that includes most 16- and 17-year-olds, from driving between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. unless driving to and from work. The new law also prohibits these drivers from driving with more than one non-family passenger in the vehicle. President Courtney Russell suggested creating a “Bill Board” to inform students of new, relevant legislation.

Let’s Chat in Radio X has been canceled for the rest of the semester, Russell said.