24-hour lounge maybe discontinued due to lack of use

Shaina James

At this week’s meeting of the Associated Students of NMU (ASNMU), the board members announced that they may not reopen the 24-hour study lounge that was in the LRC last year. During the fall of 2010, 6,554 students put the lounge to use. Winter 2011 only about half the amount of students utilized the lounge. The lounge might not re-open this semester due to the decrease in students who used it. There is also a possibility that the lounge will just be open for midterms and finals, so students have a place to go to study.

“Numbers are not there. We had success during just midterms and finals,” said ASNMU Vice-President, Drew Janego.

ASNMU funded the 24-hour study lounge. The money went towards staff, who had to be present, and janitors.

During the meeting, on Tuesday, Aug. 31 in the Charcoal Room of the University Center, ASNMU representatives discussed starting a bike- share program at NMU. 10 bikes hope to be up and running as soon as possible if the bike-share program goes through. ASNMU would like to buy the bikes from Switchback, a gear exchange store located in Marquette.

Locks, keys, lights, and equipment to work on the bikes would have to fit in the budget. $300 is the estimated budget for the bike-share program. $200 would go towards the required equipment and bikes. $100 would be put towards maintenance. ASNMU is going to try to partner with Superior Edge for the bike-share program.

ASNMU representatives also spoke about attending Student Association of Michigan (SAM) conferences. SAM is an organization that allows students to have in an input with universities all over the state. The first conference will be Sept. 23-25 at Ferris State University. A budget for hotel, gas, and other expenses was brought up. They mentioned possibly hosting a SAM conference at NMU as well.