NMU student starts own “Grub” delivery business

Audrey Menninga

A new food delivery business, started by a current NMU student, makes getting food delivered simple.

The business, called Grub, was started by Jacob Jacques, a senior digital cinema major. His business doesn’t just deliver food to customers, it delivers food from restaurants that are pick-up and sit-down restaurants only. All of the 17 restaurants Grub has agreements with are listed on their website, along with the menu for each one. Once the customer knows what they want, they call Grub, place an order and the rest is taken care of.

Jacques originally got the idea when he lived in Colorado. He worked alone most of the time and couldn’t leave the shop to get lunch.

“They had a service called Gourmet Cabby that would bring you pretty much any restaurant in town, so I always ordered from them,” Jacques said.

He said that he got the idea a couple of years ago. After working at Jimmy Johns for almost four years, he started thinking about doing something his own.

“After the semester ended in May, I started throwing the idea around more and more in my head,” Jacques said. “I started putting together a business plan and going to restaurants asking them if they would like to be a part of something like Grub. They showed interest and that’s when I started to really work at signing companies, making logos [and creating] a website.”

Jacques’ father, roommate and old boss helped him out with online advertising, graphics and finances, respectively. Jacques said that running his own business is harder than he expected.

“The big thing I had to put into this was learning. I’m not a business major and really don’t know much about the business world,” Jacques said. “So it’s been a huge learning experience. Starting a business is amazingly hard and time consuming.”

Jacques is keeping most of his future plans for the business a secret. However, he has a few definite plans for the near future.

“I do plan on expanding to other places,” Jacques said. “As for now I plan on having an online ordering website within the next month or so.”

Amanda O’Farrill, a senior zoology major, said she thinks that it’s a great idea.

“If you’re feeling like getting something a little bit fancier than pizza, you can order something from them,” O’Farrill said. “It also gives more options to students without cars or who can’t drive.”

Visit Grub’s website at upgrub.com, which also lists all of the restaurants in agreement with Grub. They charge a delivery price of 20 percent with cash and 23 percent with credit. There is a $10 minimum for an order.