NMU Students take initiative by creating apps and starting businesses

Several NMU students have played significant roles in the recent creation of applications for smartphones relevant to NMU and Marquette.

Campus Special, known by students for the coupon books that contain deals to be used in and around Marquette, recently created an app so students can get discounts simply by showing their smartphones. Some NMU students were involved in the production of the app.

Students also helped in the creation of InMarquette, an app for Apple products. InMarquette contains a calendar of events, points of interest, featured restaurants, current promotions and more.

These app features put NMU on the map in terms of a quickly growing market of smart phones with an infinite number of apps to make our daily lives easier.

Other entrepreneurial projects by NMU students include Grub, a food delivery service that was started by a Jake Jacques, Wildcat who created a delivery service for restaurants without one. He plans on starting a website in the near future, so students can order food online.

Being college students, we’re at the perfect age and time in our lives for social media and technological innovation; its popularity has grown immensely in the past few years. College students are old enough to be taken seriously by professionals about improvements that can be made, but young enough to come up with fresh ideas to be used effectively in businesses.

Students should not only admire the work of their peers, but take the same initiative to invent. College students should listen to and learn from professors, but realize in the end that it’s all just background knowledge. It’s up to each student to take that information and apply it to a world that’s constantly expanding.

Many college graduates like Jacques do not go on to work in their original field of study. Although he was not a business major at NMU, Jacques took his own original idea and used it to create a new business in Marquette. It’s important for students to remember that there are ways to learn other than in the classroom. College presents so many learning opportunities, but often it’s up to students to take advantage of them.