ASNMU Update: New posters made to show where student discounts are offered

By Elizabeth Bailey

This week’s meeting of the Associated Students of NMU was canceled due to lack of projects on the agenda.
“We have a lot of projects that are in the works that aren’t ready to be presented,” said Drew Janego, ASNMU vice president.

It was a collective decision to call off the meeting in order for the members of ASNMU to work on their projects.

“It makes it more productive instead of having a shell meeting where nothing gets done,” Janego said. “Instead of (wasting) everyone’s time, we thought we’d cancel the meeting to work on things.”

Some of those projects include: the Wildcat Wallet, the 24-hour study lounge, appointing people to committees like the external affairs committee, appointing new members to ASNMU and looking for more people to join the board.

ASNMU president Justin Brugman raised some concerns about the accessibility of the Wildcat Wallet to NMU students.

“We’re taking this time to revamp posters so it’s easier for students to know where they can get discounts,” Brugman said.

ASNMU plans to put business logos on the new posters to make it easier for students to understand where they can get discounts. The group also has a list of all the participating businesses on their website.

There had been some discussion at the previous meeting that the 24-hour study lounge, located in Starbucks in the lower level of the LRC, will not be open this semester due to lack of students using the facility. In recent news, NMU’s Student Association of Michigan conference will be moved to February due to University of Michigan hosting their own in October.

Next week’s meeting will include a visit from representatives of the Marketplace and the Wildcat Den to talk about upcoming changes.