New paint exhibits school pride

By Andrea Weiner

NMU colors have recently been added to the bleachers inside the Superior Dome.

On the north side or home side of the Superior Dome, “NMU” is painted twice and on the south side or student section side, “WILDCATS” is painted all the way across.

The goal was to brighten up the interior of the Dome and let people know that the competition was taking place on Northern Michigan University’s campus. Fans loved it at a recent football game and thought it was a nice addition to the facility, said Carl Bammert, associate director-facilities.

The funding for the branding was economical. The paint was purchased out of the operation budget for the Dome and the building ground attendants painted it.

“We need to do more branding for all facilities to show you are on the campus of NMU,” Bammert said. “I think this is just the beginning.”

The idea originated from Brad Anderson, the son of head coach Bernie Anderson. Brad helps out with giving his input on a range of things like the Dome paint to the new football uniforms.

Though the Dome is a beautiful place, it needs to be modernized and scream Northern Michigan, Bernie said.
“I would like it to be intimidating to other teams,” Bernie said.

Jared Buss, a senior football player said he is really excited about the new branding. The branding personalized the Dome more giving it a unique Wildcat feel and not a general sports Dome, Buss said.
“Anything to help out is an improvement, makes it look better and people have noticed, like my parents who were up for a recent game,” Buss said.

The team also has new uniforms that the they are really happy with. A vast amount of fundraising went to make the new uniforms a reality.

“New look, new team, new swagger,” Buss said.

The next branding project is unknown. Adding NMU’s colors to the exterior of the Dome was talked about but as of now the project is not going to take place, Bammert said.