Dining Services talks about changes to dining facilities

By Elizabeth Bailey

During Tuesday night’s ASNMU meeting, Dining Services director Greg Minner talked about some of the changes that have and will be made to the dining areas around campus.

The board brought numbers to the table regarding the 24-hour study lounge, but the decision to keep it open still hasn’t been made.

Minner discussed some of the recent changes in the dining services. There were some minor changes to the Marketplace to clean up the comfort zone, so it’s more amicable to the students, Minner said.

The air-conditioning and refrigeration was replaced as ploy to control the temperature and comfort of its patrons.

“We had a lot of people complain that it was either too cold or too hot,” Minner said.

Dining Services also has plans to expand CatTrax, in order to fulfill the demand of products getting to students.

There still has been no decision on whether or not the 24-hour study lounge will remain open. According to last year’s log, it cost $1,853 to run during the winter semester six days a week from 3 to 6 a.m.

However, with budget cuts also comes some concern about what days to keep the lounge open, if any.
There has been some talk of keeping the lounge open two or three days a week to cut down on cost, but nothing will be decided right away.

Some members showed concerns about making students aware of the 24-hour study lounge if they do decide to keep it open. However the lounge will still be open until 3 a.m. if ASNMU decides to cut the extended hours.

In recent news, there were three new members appointed to the ASNMU board; Alex Perry, the down campus representative; Dan Lee, professional studies representative; and Adam Papin, the Up campus representative.