Student shows pride in restored car

Austin Irwin

Many car enthusiasts can relate to the feelings of joy and pride in owning unique cars that they have worked on themselves to bring them up to their best standards.

Adam Mowafy, an entrepreneurship major, currently owns a 1974 Ford Maverick that he has restored. Mowafy purchased the car from a junk yard when he was 17 years old.

“I normally wouldn’t keep cars very long,” Mowafy said. “But with the Maverick, it was the one that started it all. The symbolism is worth more than the dollar figure.”

Mowafy currently works at CarQuest, as well as owning his own business, AYM Auto Image in Marquette; where he details cars, paints and powder-coats parts.

AYM was started in 2005 to save people money and help fund Mowafy’s personal projects simultaneously. He said that automotive knowledge and experience didn’t run in his family, so most of what he has learned was under the hood of his Maverick.

“I always was into cars while growing up, but didn’t know much about them. I had pictures of cars around my room,” Mowafy said.

His Maverick has undergone three paint changes since, as well as many modifications within the engine bay and throughout the exterior of the car.

“I have replaced just about every part on the car,” Mowafy said. “You fix one thing then 10 others break. Working on cars teaches you a lot of patience and that things will not go smoothly, but the surprise when they do feels great.”

Mowafy said that he has owned 25 cars total.

“The best part about owning a fast car is I can drive whenever something is bothering me, and it just fades away when you get in,” Mowafy said.