‘Crabby Cook’ teaches tips and tricks

By Ashley Jarvenpaa

Busy moms often complain about the pressure of taking the kids to practice, feeding the dog, doing laundry, attending their own classes and amid all of that, putting a solid dinner on the table every night.

The Peter White Public Library will be holding a cookout themed after “Crabby Cook Cookbook: Recipes and Rants” by Jessica Harper at noon Monday, Oct. 17 for everyone who wishes to learn the tricks and tips of preparing a meal in minimal time.

The cookout is being hosted by the Tasty Reads Book Group at the Peter White Public Library. The menu entails a family-style lunch prepared from a couple of the “Crabby” cookbook’s recipes.

It will include “Cream Dream Vegetable Soup,” “Killer Pumpkin Muffins,” “Julie’s Cheese Ball” with crackers, “George Clooney Chicken Salad” on a lettuce bed and “Diana’s Cookies” for dessert.

Shelley Janofski and Margaret Boyle organized the event. Both of the women work at the library and Janofski is the founder of the Tasty Reads Book Group.
“It was all pretty much thanks to Shelley,” Boyle said.

Boyle said that Janofski created the Tasty Reads Book Group about two years ago because she loves to cook. At first they were a small group but now have well over a dozen members.

The book group meets once a month on Monday at lunch time with a prepared dish from the chosen reading, which they discuss and enjoy.

Boyle said on a whim, Janofski contacted Harper through her blog and invited her to come to Peter White Public Library. Although Harper was not able to come, she did agree to do a live video chat.

Harper, a business woman and mother, said in her book that she created this cookbook because she understands the idea of quick and easy. Harper uses wit and down to earth advice to offer easy recipes.

Harper has also appeared in over twenty motion pictures. She is best known for “Pennies from Heaven” with Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters, “Stardust Memories” with Woody Allen “Love and Death“ with Woody Allen and Diane Keaton and “Minority Report” with Tom Cruise.

Harper has written 11 books and seven albums of songs for children and in 2004 she was named parent of the month by “Parenting Magazine.”

Tickets to the cookout at Peter White Public Library cost $15 per person which includes the meal, a copy of the book and a special live online video chat with Jessica Harper.

Tickets are available at the Peter White Public Library’s circulation desk or by calling 228-9510. The library asks that tickets be purchased in advance because seating is limited.
For more information about Harper’s book, visit her website www.thecrabbycook.com.