ASNMU update: Bike program set to be functional by spring next semester

By Elizabeth Bailey

For the second time this semester, the Associated Students of NMU has cancelled their Tuesday night meeting in order to work on projects and introduce new members to the procedures of group.

“Having this work meeting will help the new representatives get their feet wet,” said ASNMU president, Justin Burgman. “It lets them know what they can do with ASNMU and also gets them familiar with the rules.”

According to Burgman, the work meeting also allows the board to brainstorm and plan upcoming events down to the very last detail. Vice President Drew Janego mentioned putting together more “Let’s Chat” events to keep the option open for students to talk to administrators.

Recently, there was a budget passed for the bike-share program, although the project won’t be up and running until the spring.

“We want to make sure it’s fully operational by next semester; that there’s no lag time once we get it up and running,” Janego said.

Having a work meeting ensures there will be work done to further the program. The bikes for the program have been in storage near the campus heating plant, but due to the expansion of the plant, some buildings have been torn down; including the one housing the bikes for the program.

This week, members are working on moving the bikes into storage in Lee Hall, as well as making sure the bikes are ready for the spring.

“Once the bikes are up and running, it’s just a matter of advertising and letting people know these bikes are available to check out for three days,” Burgman said.

Almost everything is set for the Student Association of Michigan (SAM) conference on the weekend of Oct. 21. Only 10 of the 15 public universities are confirmed for the upcoming conference, however it’s subject to change.