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Women’s spring soccer comes to an end this weekend
Lily GouinApril 19, 2024

Students are invited to be hypnotized

Skeptics and believers of hypnotism alike are invited to Sailesh the Hypnotist’s show at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10 in the Great Lakes room of the University Center.

Brought here by Primetime Productions and funded by Housing and Residence Life, Sailesh the Hypnotist will be performing at Northern Michigan University for the first time, and students can expect the event to be geared for an adult, college age audience.

Primetime Productions is the same group that has brought Dale K to NMU in previous years. Dylan Shiver, member of Primetime Productions, said Sailesh will bring a new and fresh act to NMU, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

“Sailesh can tailor his act for multiple audiences, from a G-rated school event to an uncensored adult version,” Shiver said. “His shows are always a little crazy and a lot of fun for both the audience and those hypnotized. It’s always great to see your friends doing crazy things on stage, and sometimes even yourself.”

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Shiver has seen Sailesh perform previously and has seen Sailesh perform a variety of hypnotist acts. Some of the different acts he have seen range from a sleep gun, where anyone he points at instantly falls asleep, to making someone perform an Irish jig.

“Sailesh has made people run into each other like magnets, and with the snap of a finger, they forget the attraction and walk away. With a second snap of the fingers, they come running back to each other,” Shiver said. “In a more adult oriented show, Sailesh had men give birth on stage and even hypnotized someone into having an orgasm on stage.”

“He is great at what he does and he welcomes everyone, skeptics included, and will have them leave his show believing in hypnotism,” Shiver said. “He gives a slightly risqué performance that everyone can be a part of.

Sailesh has done many shows and has performed at many venues. He has performed anywhere from colleges to festivals to theatres. His shows are very interactive and is known worldwide. He has performed for MTV Spring Break and VH1 before, as well as internationally in performance arts theatres and on international television.

“Hypnotism events are highly attended events at colleges, and people love to see their friends make fools of themselves on stage,” Sailesh said. “It’s a fun event for everyone, whether you’re on stage being hypnotized or in the audience watching it all happen.”

Sailesh mostly performs for universities and colleges, and NMU students can expect as an audience to see him at his full, uncensored potential.

Libby Netzer, agent for Sailesh, said the events are always high energy and extremely fun.

“My shows are an interactive improve-comedy, where anything could happen,” Sailesh said. “It’s the most fun you’ll have with your clothes on, and when you leave, your cheeks will hurt so much from laughing.”

Shiver stated it should be a very similar show to Dale K. Having seen Sailesh before is what made him want to bring Sailesh to NMU, calling Sailesh one of the best.

“You can get a taste of what the show will be like by looking at the multitude of videos online,” Shiver said. “However, it’s the audience that makes the show.”

For more details email Dylan Shiver at [email protected].

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