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Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Dallas WiertellaApril 30, 2024

Staff Editorial: Studying abroad teaches more than world culture

While some students at NMU come from as far away as China, the majority of Northern students come from the state of Michigan, and many specifically come from the secluded Upper Peninsula.

Being in such a remote location, some students may feel that branching out to the rest of the world is beyond their reach. But with a multitude of study abroad options offered at NMU, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The international programs department on campus offers programs that include travel to 55 different countries around the world. The programs aren’t just limited to students pursuing degrees in foreign languages or international studies either.

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NMU offers study abroad programs for students with history, biology, English and even health and nutrition backgrounds, as well as many more. But these programs won’t exist for long if more students don’t take advantage of the opportunities given to them.

Last year, several study abroad trips were canceled because too few students registered. This could be due to lack of interest, but a misconception is that studying in another country will break the budget. While programs are expensive, there are many options available to students to help fork up the cash.

Scholarship opportunities are widely available for students with a myriad of needs and backgrounds. But scholarships don’t seek out students –– students must be proactive in acquiring a scholarship for themselves.

Those who have found ways to study abroad almost always attest to the value of the experience. In an increasingly globalizing culture, students can’t afford to live in the secluded bubble of their small communities.

Study abroad opportunities give students a world perspective that will almost always be a useful addition to a job resume. The experience itself has proven useful as a networking tool to put students to work in the career field of their choice.

College is the best time for a student to travel. Since most students have not yet settled down or begun families, college is a great time to experience world culture before settling into a family or working life.

Some students might see studying in a foreign country as a waste of money, but leaving home and traveling the world teaches students about more than the cultures of other countries.

Experiencing the world firsthand gives students the opportunity to learn about foreign cultures and allows them to learn things about themselves as well. Sometimes to learn, you’ve got to leave the classroom.

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