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Women’s spring soccer comes to an end this weekend
Lily GouinApril 19, 2024

‘Warfare’ delivers more fun for gamers

“Your world as you knew it is gone. How far would you go to bring it back?”

Infinity Ward, developer of the “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” franchise has done it again by delivering yet another out-of-this-world first person shooter.

With the campaign’s action packed cut scenes and gripping storyline, to its nail-biting, fast-paced multiplayer and special ops, “Modern Warfare 3” delivers a knock-out performance that gamers have come to expect.  As usual though, Infinity Ward always has some surprises in store and that’s what keeps people coming back for more.

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The “Modern Warfare 3” campaign picks up directly where “Modern Warfare 2” left off. Captain Price, along with his Russian ally, Nikolai, wheels their fellow soldier and friend, Soap, to a hospital in India. During this opening sequence, it also shows flashback scenes from “Modern Warfare 2” that lead up to this event.

First off, I have to give Infinity Ward props on this. It’s easy to just come up with a new story and just say, “Oh, he got better and his wounds healed up nicely.” Instead, they actually took the time and showed you what happened to Soap.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is being invaded by the Russian army, who has established a solid foothold in New York. The insurmountable threat that Russia poses needs to be dealt with or else New York will fall. This is when the player is introduced to Delta Force led by Master Sergeant “Sandman.” The player is tasked with taking down a Russian emission tower so that communications can be restored and also call in air support to U.S. troops.

While the campaign had some amazing jaw-dropping moments and vehicle sequence scenes, I have to be honest and say that I was a little disappointed in that it was extremely short compared to its predecessors; it averages between six to eight hours.  Nevertheless, the game delivers an ending of epic proportions.

Keeping this review in perspective though, gamers don’t buy “Call of Duty” games solely for the campaign mode. Multiplayer mode is where the meat and potatoes are at. With the vast array of weapon choices and customization, along with new perks, kill streaks, game modes and rewards, it’s no surprise how people can spend hours playing Team Deathmatch or Free-for-All.

The new maps, while incredibly detailed, are also diverse in the sense that I feel there is a good proportion of long-ranged maps (“Village” and “Outpost”), and those small chaotic maps that will always ensue stressful fire-fights (“Hardhat” and “Dome”). Again, a little something for everyone.

The only huge flaw I have an issue with is the fact that Infinity Ward couldn’t include the famous prone dive, or as I like to refer to it, the “dolphin flop”.

Now to be fair, the “dolphin flop” concept was created by Treyarch, who is a subsidiary of Activision. In other words, both Infinity Ward and Treyarch are employed by Activision and create “Call of Duty” games, but both companies put their own twist on the game as they see fit.

The problem is that even though they both put their own twist on the games, they constantly borrow ideas from each other and implement them into their games. It’s just a shame that Treyarch had to wag the finger at Infinity Ward and say, “Nope this is our idea, you can’t use it.” Ah well, you can’t have everything you want. I should know. I’m still irritated I can’t carry around a shotgun as my secondary weapon anymore.

Infinity Ward has also brought back it’s Special Ops mode, except this time they added a nice twist to it. While the three-star challenge mode is still present and strong as ever, they have also added a survival mode which pits players against ever-increasing waves of tough enemies.

Players earn money by defeating enemies and turn those funds into weapons, ordinance and special weapons like air strikes, Predator missiles and support squads of friendly troops. It’s very fun in solo mode, but you can tell right away, it’s meant to be played with two people.

Overall, “Modern Warfare 3” delivers what was expected. It will bring hours of entertainment to those that love the “Call of Duty” games and if you’re still skeptical about it, find a way to rent it, because it’s an experience you don’t want to miss.

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