ASNMU Update: Changes proposed by members made to constitution

Elizabeth Bailey

There was some confusion at Tuesday nights Associated Students of NMU (ASNMU) meeting concerning possible changes to their constitution.

The changes to the constitution were in response to the All Student Judiciary’s (ASJ) decision to change their name to the Conduct Board. Since it is a referendum year ASNMU can change the wording or content of their constitution by sending a proposal to the referendum committee. And since ASJ will be changing their name ASNMU has to change their constitution to include the changes.

The proposal will separate ASNMU from the Conduct board. Currently, ASJ serves as the judiciary board for ASNMU. However, if the proposal goes through their main focus will be to deal with conduct issues throughout campus.

“We feel that ASNMU and the conduct board should be separate,” said Justin Burgman, president of ASNMU. “The conduct board shouldn’t be dealing with ASNMU constitutionality.”

At the meeting members of ASNMU had a chance to read through the rough draft of the changes to be made on their constitution. The main concern of the ASNMU board was the number of members allotted to ASJ and how that would come into play. Since their tasks will be cut down there is no need to have 16 members especially because ASNMU will be taking over some responsibilities.

After some debate, the board decided to take some time to look things over and come up with ways to rearrange the rough draft. However, the board will have a meeting later on this week to discuss and vote on the outcome of the constitution changes.

Also this week there were two representatives nominated for the Student Affairs Chair, Adam Papin and Robin Feuerman. After brief descriptions of themselves, ASNMU members voted resulting in Papin getting the position.

The Student Affairs Chair is responsible for acting as a liaison between the executive board and representatives.