SLFP presents great program for students

NW Staff

NMU’s Student Leadership Fellowship Program won the John C. Dalton Institute of College Student Development Best Practice Award and was jointly nominated for the 2012 Michigan Campus Compact Campus-Community Partnership Award with the Marquette community.

Northern students have a great opportunity to take part in an award-winning program like SLFP, and at the same time, become a better leader and help their community. Northern students should take full advantage of this opportunity and think about joining SLFP before graduating NMU.

The Center for Student Enrichment has come up with great programs for students to learn outside the classroom, grow as an individual and have lots of fun. Whether it’s student government, a student political organization or even a book club, odds are CSE has a student group that fits your interests.

SLFP is a two-year program through CSE that pairs up an NMU student with a community mentor, from whom they learn leadership skills their first year. In the second year, students implement the leadership skills they’ve learned and undergo a 100 -hour community service internship.

Students learn a lot about themselves during the experience of SLFP. Students realize their own capabilities when they have the confidence and ability to lead other people.

They learn how to become better leaders of their community and help improve it through community service. The lessons that Northern students receive from SLFP don’t end once the two-year program ends.

NMU graduates that have been in SLFP in the past say the program has changed their life, even after graduation. Not only did SLFP give Northern students the skills, practice and confidence to help the Marquette community during college, it gave them the skills, practice and confidence to help their own communities after leaving NMU.

NMU students have a great opportunity on campus through SLFP to learn more about themselves, help other people and become better leaders, both in and out of their communities. Hopefully NMU students seriously consider this award-winning program before graduation.

These programs are catching attention nationally; get involved, and you will too …. with future employers.