Facebook Timeline unwelcomed by users

Taylor Syring

Facebook is part of our everyday lives. It is simple to use, easy to access and it’s not about to go away. It has become more popular than MySpace because it is laid out simply and it’s easier to navigate.

There have been changes since the site began. These changes have been simple and subtle but were still unwelcomed by many Facebook users. Now Facebook is changing the entire layout of users’ profile pages.

Facebook Timeline has been around for weeks now and is still optional for users. It changes the traditional layout from a profile picture in the left corner to a huge banner picture across the top of the page. Instead of being able to post on your friends’ wall at the top of the page, Timeline requires you to scroll down past the obnoxiously sized photo and profile picture.

The wall post then shows up on a vertical line. As time passes and more posts appear on the person’s wall, your post is moved from left to the right and back and forth to fit in appropriately with the time it was put there.

What was wrong with the regular system where the lists of posts that show up are already in order? There are even time stamps that tell viewers how long ago each post was put up. The news feed page resembles the regular profile layout. To make them different would be to move closer to MySpace. The two sites are valuable in different ways and should remain different.

I am annoyed when my friends get Timeline because I am then bombarded with advertisements once I try to access their pages. Information about Timeline also pops up in my news feed. These get old and annoying, but at least I don’t have to use this layout.

There have been many rumors about Facebook Timeline becoming the only profile layout soon.This will be just like every other change Facebook has made; unwelcome.

However, this time Facebook will lose some users. There are multiple people who have expressed their concerns with the Timeline switch and have decided to delete their accounts if and when this change is made to their profile.

I am not sure if it worth waiting around for the next negative change either. Facebook keeps complicating its site and adding more ridiculous changes. While technology changes every day, Facebook specifically shouldn’t have to.

I hope this layout doesn’t take over as the rumors are telling us, but rather remains an option until people get bored and realize that the original layout is better.

There also needs to be the option for people who try Timeline to switch back. There is the option to delete posts, un-like something and remove people from your friends list, but there’s no going back from Timeline.

After all this time, waiting for a dislike button and nothing happened. But out of the blue, completely unwanted, appears this Timeline option.

Facebook needs to listen to its users. If not, leave the old system alone. At least stop forcing the changes to the site and all its 400 million users.