Festival kicks off with clue

Amanda Monthei

Northern Michigan University’s WinterFest will kick off on Sunday night in the University Center with the opening hint in the campus-wide Clue Game.

The event, which is put on by the Special Events Committee, will begin at 7 p.m. in the Brule Room of the UC Only one member of the six-person teams will need to be present for the kick-off.

The goal of the game is to find a medallion that is placed somewhere on campus, by using the five clues provided by the committee.

After Sunday night, a clue will be subsequently posted every night of the week at 9 p.m. outside of Room 1205 in the UC.

“This is my first year in the position,” said Sarah Muellerleile, this year’s special events coordinator,. Muellerleile is a senior sports science major.

“Last year the clue was found really fast, I think by Tuesday. So we’re hoping to go until Friday (this year), and we’re making some changes and trying to make the clues more difficult.”

Muellerleile added that the addition of posting the clues online last year probably contributed to them being found quicker.

To makes things a little more difficult, the committee will still post the clues online, but will wait until the day after the physical clue is posted in the UC.

“If people want to be the first one to find it, they have to make the extra effort to go find it in the evening,” Muellerleile said.

Winners of the event, who have found the medallion by next Friday, will receive points towards an overall WinterFest score and prizes, including sweatshirts and other WinterFest merchandise.

Muellerleile encouraged participation in the event as away to test your knowledge of NMU’s campus and the ability to read the clues.

“It’s a way to spread WinterFest spirit, and to see if you actually know NMU,” she said.

In past years, the event has drawn over 15 teams and is typically promoted particularly well through Housing and Residence Life.

“We try to get everyone as involved as possible,” Muellerleile said. “Housing people just tend to know more about it. We’ve been trying to include athletic teams by contacting coaches and sending out letters, and also student organizations.”

Overall, Muellerleile emphasized the importance of participation in on-campus events, speaking of WinterFest in general.

“It’s a fun week,” she said. “You can show some school spirit. You’re only in college once, so you might as well take advantage of (events like this).

“The Clue game is not very difficult, even if you’re shy or anything like that. It’s fun, and if you win you get the pride of understanding the clues.”

The Clue game will be accompanied by a number of other WinterFest activities, including a ski and snowboard discount day at Marquette Mountain on Wednesday, open skate at the Berry Event Center on Tuesday and various others throughout the week.