Bike-share program budget approved

Elizabeth Bailey

At Tuesday night’s Associated Students of NMU meeting, Chris Kovala proposed his final budget in front of the board.

Kovala, the graduate studies representative, is responsible for putting together the bike-share program, which allows students to check out a bike from the library for three days free of charge; all that is required is a student ID card.

“I didn’t want to postpone this budget anymore. It’s really kind of spring outside,” said Dani Thoune, chair of the assembly.

With spring around the corner, some members of the board thought it would be a good idea to approve the budget as soon as possible.

The budget, which calls for some tools and safety equipment, is under $300 in all.

The supplies needed include two chain breakers, grease and 10 tubes, which roughly cost $180.

Along with five bells, five head light/tail light combo and five locks, it will cost about $95.50, making the total budget $275.50.

After Kovala finished presenting, the board took the budget to a vote that was unanimously consented.