Actor presents documentary

Hannah Fermanich

The star of HBO’s “Entourage,” Adrian Grenier, is coming to NMU to present “The Teenage Paparazzo Experience” on Tuesday, March 13.

Grenier will be showing his film “The Teenage Paparazzo,” a documentary that focuses on the celebrity obsession that is embedded in American culture. The presentation will be at 7 p.m. in Vandament Arena.

“I think it’s something that will give people something to think about,” said Emily Stenson, co-president of NMU’s Platform Personalities.

According to Keppler Speakers website, Grenier’s presentation will delve into America’s obsession with celebrities.

A showing of his documentary, “Teenage Paparazzo,” will be the focus of the presentation.

In the film, he teams up with Austin, a 14-year-old paparazzo, to explore the relationship between citizens and celebrities.

The film questions why American culture puts so much weight on the lives of celebrities and the drive to become one of them.

The true-life documentary premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and also aired on HBO in the same year.

“It will make us wonder why we choose the people we do to idolize as celebrities,” Stenson said.

As the star of HBO’s “Entourage,” Grenier has been fully immersed in the world of celebrities. He began his career on the big screen in 1997 and has since had starring roles opposite Anne Hathaway’s character in “The Devil Wears Prada.”

He has also been a part of the Discovery Channel’s 13-part series called “Alter Eco,” a show that focuses on young individuals who are working to live sustainably and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Grenier has also branched out to include filmmaking, producing and directing as a part of his repertoire, according to Keppler Speakers website.

The topics that Grenier discusses are prevalent today and the issues are important to college students.

He asks his audience to question what is considered the norm in American culture, Stenson said.

Grenier’s work focuses on the social issues of the day, including his founding of Reckless Productions in 2002. The company provides socially responsible stories presented through film and television.

Its goal is to make viewers question the conventional thoughts and ideas that are currently in place and move the conversation forward toward improvement.

“People need to go to this,” Stenson said.

Jenni Feighner, a freshman photography major, said she is excited to see him speak.

“I think he is a great actor and he seems like a pretty funny guy, or at least from what I’ve seen in movies he’s been in,” Feighner said. “My favorite movie he was in would be ‘Drive Me Crazy.’”

While Feighner has never seen “Entourage,” she said that the topic he is speaking on sounds interesting to her.

“I’m curious to see what he says about why our generation is obsessed with celebrities and his opinion as a celebrity himself,” Feighner said.

Tickets for the event are $1 for NMU students with an ID and $5 for the general public and may be purchased at NMU EZ Ticket outlets.

“Entourage” started airing in 2004 and, after eight seasons, it came to an end in September of last year. The show has been nominated for and won many Golden Globes and Emmys.

Grenier’s presentation is brought by Platform Personalities and the Student Activity Fee.